Building a brand for Enstoa

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The Challenge

In its first ten years, global consultancy Enstoa earned a reputation as a top notch provider of digital integration services for the built environment. At that point, the company needed to turn all its hard work into an actual brand: a tight suite of messages and a polished visual identity that would help it win new business and move upmarket. Enstoa also needed to ensure its entire global team was communicating the same messages to existing and prospective customers, nailing the company’s key value propositions in ways that would help it grow.

The Solution

Working closely with Enstoa’s senior executive team, DoubleKnown pinpointed the company’s key differentiators and created a succinct brand playbook that was then rolled out to Enstoa’s entire global team. DoubleKnown also worked with its trusted partners to create and launch a new company website. Finally, DoubleKnown tapped into Enstoa’s vast subject matter expertise to create catchy content that helped it stand out in a field of better known competitors

The Results

Enstoa reveled in its new brand identity, treating it as an important milestone in the company’s journey. The introduction of a company-wide messaging playbook in particular helped Enstoa’s team get more confident and consistent about its messaging, which in turn helped Enstoa win prestigious new clients. Enstoa was so happy with the results that when it came time to refresh its messaging again five years later, it chose to work with DoubleKnown again.

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